\\ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷\ noun (-s)
Etymology: lie down
: a lying down or period of lying down : nap, rest

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/luy"down'/, n. Chiefly Brit.
a nap.
[1830-40; n. use of v. phrase lie down]

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lie-down see ↑lie down below.
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Main Entry:lie

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lie-down UK US noun [singular] british
a short rest when you lie on a bed
Thesaurus: general words for rest and relaxationsynonym

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lie-down «LY DOWN», noun.
= lie-in. (Cf.lie-in)

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/ˈlaıˌdaʊn/ noun [singular]
Brit : a brief rest :nap

They often have a lie-down in the afternoon.

— see also lie down at lie, 1

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ˌlie-ˈdown [lie-down lie-downs] noun singular (BrE, informal)
a short rest, especially on a bed

I'm going to have a lie-down before dinner.

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